Motorsport Medics is a website for the SMMC Motorsport Medical Group and is intended to establish a community of interest to foster information sharing and provide access to a wide range of resources.

This Group is aimed at doctors, nurses, paramedics, AHPs, rescue crews and anyone else that has a genuine interest in sharing best practice and information about medicine and pre-hospital care in a motorsport setting.

"For petrolheads and non-petrolheads alike, [working as part of the safety services team in motorsport] is a great way to spend a weekend. You can develop key skills such as communication, team working, and situational awareness, in addition to more specific skills including extrication and resuscitation." ( Davies and Whitehouse, 2016)

About the SMMC Motorsport Medical Group
About the SMMC Motorsport Medical Group

Regardless of speciality, we all have a common desire to provide a high-quality service to improve the safety of competitors, officials and spectators. And to enjoy the craic!

Community Forum
Community Hub

We've started initially with a bank of resources – including quick links to some of the common documentation required for events. We've also added a couple of discussion forums. This is a work in progress… we'll add content that we think will be relevant and useful, but you can also share thoughts and documents yourselves.

Motorsport medicine: a job in the fast lane
Motorsport medicine: a job in the fast lane

Eryl Davies and Sam Whitehouse explain how working as motorsport doctors means they always get a trackside view of the race.

What's on
What's On

Dozens of events run nationwide on any given weekend during the year.

Get involved
Get Involved

There are a wide range of opportunities to work as part of the safety response team on motorsport events, and there is always a need for more doctors, paramedics, nurses and rescue crew members.

About Us

The Motorsport Medical Group (and this website) is managed by the Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club.